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Book review of Talking Diamonds

A Review of Talking Diamonds, Linda Nemec Foster’s new collection of poems. By Oriana Ivy The typical poem in this beautiful collection by Linda Nemec Foster, her eighth book, is quiet, elegant, and wise. These poems do not shout; they whisper – about aging and dying, a mother’s frightful dementia (the mother no longer recognizes […]

Linda Nemec Foster’s poetry collection ‘Talking Diamonds’ sparkles with brilliance

“Talking Diamonds” proves to be a fitting title for Linda Nemec Foster’s latest collection of poetry as the poems within sparkle with brilliance. Honored as a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s 2010 Book of the Year Award in Poetry, “Talking Diamonds” is arguably Foster’s strongest collection yet — quite a feat for Grand Rapids’ former poet […]

Review of Linda Nemec Foster’s Talking Diamonds

Talking Diamonds Linda Nemec Foster New Issues, 2009 Review by Jeanne Lesinski Featuring a sprouting amaryllis bulb, a handful of seashells, and a holy card of  the Virgin and Child—all bathed in red—the cover of Talking Diamonds sets the tone for the many somber poems in this, Foster’s ninth collection. Other books by Foster, who was named the first […]

AWP Reading Series: The Michigan Poet

The Michigan Poet distributes poetry from major Michigan based poets to: 1) Highlight the “backyard” talent of contemporary poets, and 2) Use poetry as a means of developing deep, unique cultural identities that have formerly suffered under commercial and industrial economic emphasis. Starting in February 2010, it has published monthly broadsides featuring one poem and distributed copies […]

Mark Lamoureux on four Cervena Barva Press Chapbooks

I first became acquainted with Cervena Barva Press through Kevin Gallagher, an author from my own press, who sent me a copy of his Cervena Barva chapbook Isolate Flecks. One of the great things about being an editor of a small press without an editorial hierarchy is that one is the sole arbiter of what […]

Electric Poetry – Linda Nemec Foster

by Olive, 88.1FM WYCE, Grand Rapids Community Media Center Topics: linda nemec foster, electric poetry, olive Linda Nemec Foster on Electric Poetry with Olive on 88.1FM WYCE.org Originally Published by Electric Poetry, click here to view article.

Polish-American Writers Reading at the Polish Museum of America

On February 12, 2009, The Polish Museum of America hosted a reading by five Polish American writers: Anthony Bukoski, Linda Nemec Foster, John Minczeski, Leslie Pietrzyk, and me. The event was a powerful emotional experience for all of us. Speaking for myself, I know that it’s not often that I have the opportunity to read to an […]

“Playground” by Dianne Carroll Burdick & Linda Nemec Foster

DIANNE CARROLL BURDICK: “I photographed all the images with black & white film and printed all images on fiber-base black & white paper. When the print is dry, I treat the paper with an oil-base solvent and color the image with colored pencils. ‘Playground’ was photographed at my dad’s ranch in Ukiah, California. Strangely enough, […]

Featured Poet Linda Nemec Foster on Through the 3rd Eye

The Fear of Vacuum Cleaners Ah, little one of the deep fish-eye, little dreamer of the night and the day and the night. You stare at this new world of air, earth, and light, wonder at the simplest things. How a green tendril can sprout from black ground. The deafening sound a vacuum cleaner makes. […]