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About the Planet Walk

The walk begins at the north west corner of Albertus Hall. From this starting point, you will be able to see the first four planets on the walk. The first four planets are relatively closely spaced with the third representing Earth. These planets are just the beginning of your tour and we hope that you […]

LSU Press: Amber Necklace from Gdansk

Winner of the Polish American Historical Association Creative Arts Award Inspired by her Polish American heritage and her first visit to her family’s homeland in 1996, Linda Nemec Foster’s stunning new collection poignantly reflects on the immigrant experience — an experience of loss and discovery, of ambivalence and pride, of deep tragedy and redemption. Foster’s […]

Memories from the Jewish Holocaust Based on two poems by LINDA NEMEC FOSTER (Michigan Poet)

Objectives students should be able to: describe one of the poet’s perspective about the Jewish Holocaust distinguish the sources of knowledge the poet uses for her version of the Holocaust compare and or contrast the poet’s version of the Holocaust with that of another writer identify a contemporary problem that has its origins in WWII […]

Michigan Writers Series First Interview in 1999

Audio: Interview with Jane Arnold Program Introduction by Diane Wakoski Selected Readings: “Postcard“ “History of the Toenails“ “History of the Hand“ “Heat Lightning“ Movie Poems: “Absurdity of the Sweet Life,” “At 69,” “My Mother Sees Her First Foreign Film“ “Ars Poetica“ “The Therapeutist: After Magritte“ “The Rain in Bielsko,” and “Mazovian Willows: Chopin’s Nocturn, Opus […]

A History of the Body

Annotated by: Squier, Harriet Summary A mother reflects on the developing body of her unborn child, her own contribution to its development, and her hopes that her daughter will grow to cherish her body and to know the love it can hold. Commentary Well written poem/prose piece about a mother’s love toward her unborn daughter, […]