A History Of The Body

Coffee House Press
Minneapolis, MN
[Out of Print]

Handset in Cochin and Nicholas Cochin types by Jeanne Lee and Rob Odegard. Designed by Allan Kornblum with assistance from the compositors. Printed on Masa paper and handsewn into Rives BFK wrappers by Kent Aldrich on the grounds of Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Signed by the author and the artist. In an edition of 400 copies.

“Body within my body, I shape you out of almost
nothing, give you a tight envelope to surround
your soul. I deem you female–eyes cobalt blue,
fingers long and translucent–without even realizing it…”

from the poem, “History of the Body” for my daughter


Michigan Writers Series First Interview in 1999

Audio: Interview with Jane Arnold Program Introduction by Diane Wakoski Selected Readings: “Postcard“ “History of the Toenails“ “History of the Hand“ “Heat Lightning“ Movie Poems: “Absurdity of the Sweet Life,” “At 69,” “My Mother Sees Her First Foreign Film“ “Ars Poetica“ “The Therapeutist: After Magritte“ “The Rain in Bielsko,” and “Mazovian Willows: Chopin’s Nocturn, Opus […]

A History of the Body

Annotated by: Squier, Harriet Summary A mother reflects on the developing body of her unborn child, her own contribution to its development, and her hopes that her daughter will grow to cherish her body and to know the love it can hold. Commentary Well written poem/prose piece about a mother’s love toward her unborn daughter, […]

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