Contemplating the Heavens

Ridgeway Press
Detroit, MI

Order a signed copy of this limited edition, fine art chapbook from the author.

“…The galaxy complete
within us. But what if the night
sky is only a drape of black velvet?
The stars only holes in the fabric,
ready to tear at the seam?”

from the poem, “Stars”

Notable Review

“A beautiful, beautiful book. A stunning gem of poetry, art, and book design.”

Faye Kicknosway


Grand Rapids Poets’ Conference

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4 11:30-12:45 | Website session: Rod Torreson with students, Thru the 3rd Eye; David Cope on professional websites and use of online sources. Location: 108 Sneden Exploration of Thru the 3rd Eye, Rod Torreson’s laureate project with students and former students: the website as a way of making connections, developing interviewing and review […]

Linda Nemec Foster’s debut as first Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids, MI

Linda Nemec Foster delivers her first speech as the first Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids at the unveiling of the newly renovated Grand Rapids Public Library. April 21, 2003 Originally Published by PoetLaureateDebut, click here to view.

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