A Modern Fairy Tale: The Baba Yaga Poems

Ridgeway Press
Roseville, MI
[Out of Print]

“We live in our magic
in the center of the earth
the power of our hands
not as great as hers…”

from the poem, “The Chant Of The Three Sisters”


Michigan Writers Series First Interview in 1999

Audio: Interview with Jane Arnold Program Introduction by Diane Wakoski Selected Readings: “Postcard“ “History of the Toenails“ “History of the Hand“ “Heat Lightning“ Movie Poems: “Absurdity of the Sweet Life,” “At 69,” “My Mother Sees Her First Foreign Film“ “Ars Poetica“ “The Therapeutist: After Magritte“ “The Rain in Bielsko,” and “Mazovian Willows: Chopin’s Nocturn, Opus […]

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