The Elusive Heroine: My Daughter Lost in Magritte

Červená Barva Press

Notable Reviews

“In The Elusive Heroine: My Daughter Lost in Magritte, Linda Nemec Foster wonderfully illuminates that most potent of parental fears: the instant when a child slips the frame of care and is wholly gone. What’s left is the empty frame, and a sequence of moments to be filled. How perfect, then, are the paintings of Magritte to ground/un-ground this hyperattentive sequence, both representational and surreal, where a cloud “resembles/a piranha covered with gold dust” or a “serial killer,” where memory collides with dream and artifice and negation. In every poem, the daughter is not there. But in every harrowing line is a mother’s and poet’s precise, lyric devotion.”

Dennis Hinrichsen, author of Skin Music

“The poems in Linda Nemec Foster’s The Elusive Heroine: My Daughter Lost in Magritte are driven by a Demeter-like grief and outrage at the disappearance of a daughter. In this sequence of compressed quintets, art itself becomes suspect – slippery, gendered, perilous in its power to lure and camouflage – art as hucker, trickster, abductor. Rather than enacting the truism that art saves us, Foster contemplates how we can rescue ourselves from art.”

Diane Seuss, author of Four-Legged Girl

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